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Who is Infinity Epoxy Brookhaven?

Brookhaven Epoxy Floors are experts in flooring solutions. For many years, we’ve been serving homeowners with zeal and the sole aim of satisfying their flooring needs. Our clients are drawn from all quarters of Brookhaven. We have a flooring crew comprising highly skilled and experienced experts. Therefore, you rest assured your flooring project is in good hands by choosing us.

As a homeowner, you want a floor of impeccable quality. And that is what Brookhaven Epoxy Floors strives to deliver at all times. We always want the best for our clients. The products we use to transform your floor are top-quality and yield a perfect finish that lasts longer. Besides, we work within your schedule to ensure minimal disruptions to your normal life. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about downtime if you are an entrepreneur.


We install epoxy floors for both residential and commercial landholders. Not just that, we also do concrete staining and polishing. You should have control over your flooring project. And so, we allow all clients to choose the colors and designs they want for their flooring projects. We have a proven track record if the ever-increasing number of the clients we have is anything to go by. The approach we use in handling your project assures nothing but a fulfilling outcome.

Here’s What We Promise:

Quick and Convenient Projects

It matters not a thing how big your flooring project may be. Our crew pays heed to the project schedule to ensure that tasks do not overlap into the timelines set for subsequent tasks. We assign a manager to each project to take care of any hitches that may crop up and to oversee the project’s management in general.


Disruptions to your routine are probable with poor project scheduling. The schedule that you want as a businessperson is the one that allows you to transact business with little or minimum disruption. It is not unusual for the Brookhaven Epoxy Floors team to work on holidays and odd hours. So, we work hand in hand with you to make a project schedule with which you are comfortable as an entrepreneur.


Do you want a customized floor design? You’ll get it. Brookhaven Epoxy Floors tailors your floor in a bid to match your expectation. As a homeowner, you call every single shot as far as your floor’s color and design are concerned. We have an array of colors and designs for you, whether you want an epoxy, stained, or polished floor. What is more, our customization approach incorporates techniques that give you an energy-efficient floor.


We offer our clients competitive and budget-friendly rates in the region. Regardless of the prices, you can be sure of getting services that are worth your buck. The many years of experience we have in the construction industry put us in a better position to know what fits your budget. You don’t want your flooring budget to get out of control along the way and cause hitches that can stagnate the project.

We get down to business upon reaching an agreement on, among other things, project deliverables and cost. Brookhaven Epoxy Floors are equal to the task if you need an epoxy, stained, or polished floor. Let us know what flooring needs you may have. We cover every corner of Brookhaven and even beyond. Our team of flooring experts is eager to serve you. Give us a call on (631) 250-5121 and let’s get the job done!


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We’ve got you covered whether you have epoxy, stained, or polished floor needs. Our team of gifted flooring experts is passionate about transforming your floor into the space you want to see as a homeowner. Brookhaven Epoxy Floors is the perfect match for your flooring needs. Choosing us to be your flooring service provider is never a decision in vain. We ensure you reap the benefits for a lifetime. Try us today and regret why you didn’t hire us in the past.

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