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Can there be such a thing today as a glossy, attractive concrete? When you see the rough, untreated concrete, you may be tempted to believe that the material is always dull. Polished concrete hardly resembles these attractive materials. They look closer in both texture and style to higher class stones, such as granite. This is why the number of business owners who are installing polished concrete floors in the 21st century is soaring at an unprecedented speed. Traders recognize concrete polishing as one of the most effective ways of impressing customers and business partners. Homeowners are also not left behind as they too cherish inviting and durable floors. With a little polish, your dull concrete floor can become perfect for your manufacturing facility, shop, school, shop, home, or any other building that requires durability and beauty. 

What is Concrete Polishing?

The common term “concrete polishing” refers to a multi-step process involving the mechanical grounding, honing, and polishing of concrete floor using bonded diamond abrasives. Through this process, the floor’s surface is cut and refined until it achieves the desired level of beauty. 

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Concrete polishing also includes the use of a hardener, which is a penetrant chemical. It penetrates into the concrete and stimulates a chemical reaction that ends up helping to harden as well as dust-proof the floor’s surface. During the process, the contractor uses finer grinding tools, commonly known as diamond polishing pads. Standard polished concrete is finished to 1,600 grits or 3,000+ grit level. 

Concrete grinding that is below 1,600 grits is deemed as a honed floor. The number of polishing steps ranges from 4 to 8, and depend on the required level of reflectivity.


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Diverse Options

Concrete polishing gives you plenty of design options. Numerous dyes are often applied to concrete to add the desired color. The availability of many types of finishes also surprises many customers. Depending on the preferred reflectivity, you can choose high-gloss polish, medium-gloss polish, or matte finish. Other than the attractive look, polished concrete’s demand is increasing due to its stain resistance, easy maintenance, reduction of electrical bill, and slip resistance. 

Stain Resistant

Polished concrete is sturdy and durable. Even though it is incredibly stain resistant, you need to take precautions to prevent some stains. Some liquids, especially acidic and caustic ones, can penetrate the floor’s finish and cause stains if they ate left to sit on the floor for too long. So, it is in your best interest to clean any spills that occur immediately and thoroughly. But the application of a sealer often completes the concrete floor polishing process. This layer protects your floor when a liquid spills on it. Even though it can get removed during the cleaning process, you can fully restore the aesthetic value of your floor by reapplying the sealer periodically. 

Reduced Electric Bill

If you want to reduce your budget on electric bills, you should opt for polished concrete floors. They are sustainable and perfectly reflect ambient and natural light. If you install these floors, you will notice that you only need to put on a few of your bulbs to get quality lighting. The enhanced lighting will reduce your electricity bills depending on the level of reflective polished concrete that you choose. If you want the most decorative and reflective finish, high-gloss concrete will serve you best. 

You can also save in electricity bills if you choose the medium-gloss finish. Matte finish is not the best where saving energy costs is a priority.

Relaxed Maintenance

Like other types of flooring, polished concrete floors require caring. The only difference is that this is more relaxed maintenance than others. If you maintain regular sweeping and mopping, your floor will remain sparklingly shiny and durable. But you will also need to do less scrubbing. Polished concrete floors resist scratch marks that heavy machinery, such as cars, make. At the same time, given that polished concrete is not 100% resistant to all stains, you will need to develop a simple cleaning routine that fully protects your floor. The typical cleaning routine should help you to ensure that:

  • Large debris is always removed from your floor by hand.
  • Dust mopping is performed several times each day to keep the attractive finish.
  • The entire floor is auto-scrubbed by only using cleaners that are specifically designed for polished concretes. The cleaner should also be diluted as required, a soft cleaning pad, and a mop used wherever necessary.

If your cleaning routine includes these tips, you will enjoy your relaxed maintenance and extend your polished concrete floor’s lifespan.

Slip Resistant

Polished concrete floors also significantly improve slip resistance. So, if you do not want a slippery surface, it is suitable for your needs. They are shiny but cannot let you slip due to the flattening process that increases friction. Due to this technology, you are safe from slipping when walking on either wet or dry polished concrete floors. But there is a slipping risk if your floor is too dusty or unclean. As such, you need to observe a proper cleaning routine to mitigate the risk. 

With the potential to last for years, resist stain and slip, look extremely awesome, and complement everything from stylish, well-established, and thriving businesses to homes, concrete polishing can be exciting. When you consider the qualities of this multifunctional flooring material, you easily get convinced that there is a lot of benefits that you can gain from it if an expert properly installs it. The truth of life is that polished concrete is installed and maintained directly determines whether you will reap all its benefits. Whenever you are looking for a trusted team of experts in time to handle the hard part of the work, call Brookhaven Epoxy Floors. We are perfect for the job due to our decade of experience in the city. We are always available to be of help to our esteemed customers like you. Reach out to us for quality concrete polishing. 

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