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Floors are among the essential parts of a house or building- so you need to be careful when choosing them. Epoxy floors are known for being cost-effective, sturdy, easy to install and maintain. Epoxy materials create a shiny, smooth, slip-resistant surface that not only adds beauty to your floor but also makes it a safe place. Here is a piece to enlighten those who have never heard of epoxy and epoxy floors. Remember to try it out on your floor after acquiring the knowledge and benefits enlisted below.

What is Epoxy

Epoxy is an organic compound created by mixing resins and hardeners which react chemically to form a strong bond. The mixture is then poured on a wet concrete surface and allowed to dry. Thermoplastic polymers may also be added to the mixture to make it harder. Epoxy is extremely resistant to chemicals, water, heat, among other things, which is why it is commonly used in industrial and commercial spaces. 

Epoxy floors

Epoxy is also an excellent solution for garage floors. Such floors need to withstand heavy weight from vehicles. And again, vehicle drippings, oil, and other stains at times are daunting to clean and, as such, may damage your floor sooner than you expect. However, epoxy makes it effortless to clean and remove stains from your floor with only a piece of wet cloth. This not only saves you time but also money that could otherwise be used to maintain damaged floors.

Types of Epoxy Application

Solid Color

Solid colors epoxy is just pure epoxy without fluid carriers as with other types. And since it lacks fluid carriers, it has a high viscosity, which makes it harder to be applied on floors. Also, you cannot produce thin films or coats using solid epoxy due to the high viscosity. What’s more encouraging about this epoxy is its extended lifespan- and any professional contractor will advise you to pick solid epoxy over other types. In areas with a high risk of possible abrasions like garages, solid epoxy works magic. It can also be used as a sealant on cracked or damaged concrete before using other epoxy applications.


Metallic epoxy is a perfect solution on commercial floors. The application contains a mixture of a metallic pigment and a yellowing epoxy used on a concrete floor to give it a 3D illusion. If you use a professional like Brookhaven to install the metallic epoxy, the results will be distinctive and appealing to the eye. Metallic epoxy is resistant to stains, chemicals, water, or any other fluid that may make your floor slippery. You can also use several elements like powdered bronze, aluminum, and copper when installing this type of epoxy.

Epoxy Flake

Epoxy flake floors are chips or flakes placed in epoxy to give your floor an attractive appearance. In fact, this is not a type of epoxy but a way of applying epoxy to your floor. The chips come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures making it easier to customize your floor. Besides, the flakes can be anything you want – you name it. And again, epoxy chips give your floor any kind of resistance it needs- be it from water, chemicals, or oil thus, you can never slip on the floor. The flakes or chips can be placed on different types of grounds, including tiles, concrete, bricks, and metals. Epoxy flake is best applicable in water-exposed areas.

Self Leveling

Self-leveling epoxy is used to create a smooth, long-lasting, and leveled texture on both old, new, cracked, or damaged floors. This epoxy application is easier to install, and it levels itself on concrete surfaces to give your floor a shiny, elegant look. This explains why many people like them over other epoxy applications. Self leveling epoxy is best applicable in garages, office buildings, kitchen, storage spaces, and showrooms, among other places.


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Residential Epoxy Garages

Garages are places you expect all kinds of oil spillages and vehicle drippings, which could be hard to clean. If you visit some, you could easily tell that their floors are in bad shape. But why let stains damage your garage floor? Residential epoxy garage floors are made to withstand all kinds of pressures mounted on them by multiple vehicles. Besides, being reflective, an epoxy floor makes it easier to illuminate your garage using very few lights. This is why most residential and commercial garage floors are made of epoxy.

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