Garage Floor Epoxy

One of the best ways by which you can protect your garage floor from environmental damage is to apply an epoxy coating. Note that garage floor epoxy is not ordinary garage floor paint that weakens within a couple of months. It is a robust compound that is highly adhesive and goes through a chemical reaction that bonds it with your garage floor. Once applied, it forms a thick layer that becomes part of your garage floor.

Epoxy gives your garage floor a glossy finish with an eye-catching visual appeal. Not only does it make it look lovely, but also robust to withstand grazes, spalling, and stains. You don’t have to worry that dragging machines on your garage floor will cause scratches to the surface. Also, garage floor epoxy is resistant to chemicals, water, and salts. These are agents of damage to your garage floor when left unprotected.

Epoxy also acts as a sealer. It covers all pores and minor cracks on your garage floor, leaving no room for water to penetrate it and cause damage. By covering the pores and crevices, you are sure they will not develop into full-blown potholes that may force you to renovate the entire floor. As epoxy garage floor installation experts, we recommend coating your garage floor with epoxy because the benefits outweigh the cost by a wide margin.

Epoxy Garage Floor Design

Brookhaven Epoxy Floors is keen on ensuring your garage floor design matches the general design of your home. We have a variety of colors and enhancing additives that leave you with a gratifying garage floor. Our crew of epoxy flooring experts has many years of experience in designing garage floors. They will deliver the garage floor design of your dreams at a cost that does not overstretch your budget.

Epoxy Garage Floor Maintenance

Your epoxy garage floor needs maintenance to last longer. You’ll have to clean the surface with a soft-bristled push broom using mild soap and water. Be sure not to use acidic cleaning detergents on your epoxy garage floor. Acids react with epoxy and may bear a devastating impact on the epoxy coating and the structure in general. Even citric acid can damage your epoxy garage floor. Therefore, avoid dropping pieces of peeled citrus fruits on your epoxy garage floor.

Popularity of Epoxy Garage Floors

A garage is not just a place for parking your car or keeping your lawnmower. Modern garages are spaces that can be temporarily converted into rooms for other uses. Some families enjoy relaxing in their garages for one reason or another. We have seen beautiful garages with couches in some homes in Brookhaven. Many homeowners world over are turning to epoxy garage floors due to, among other reasons, their aesthetic appeal and durability.


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