Factors that Make Epoxy Flooring Better Than Other Flooring Solutions

commercial concrete epoxy

Flooring might seem as a no brainer for most people but it actually is involving than most people think. Whether for commercial or residential purposes, there are considerations to put in place to get what you need. When looking for a flooring solution, you should take into account things like cost, durability, and design, among other things. You’ll discover that among the many options, not all can meet the desired standards. But your goal will not be to choose a flooring solution that has no cons (because there is none), but rather one that fits your needs and offers more benefits than drawbacks.

commercial concrete epoxy

One of the best solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial use is epoxy flooring solutions. But just what makes epoxy flooring stand out from the rest? Here is why many have ditched other flooring solutions and turned to epoxy flooring solutions.


Perhaps the most affordable flooring solution you can get today is epoxy flooring. This is because epoxy flooring can be installed directly on surfaces, especially those made of concrete. This, in turn, lowers the initial installation cost, thus making the solution cost-effective. 

Besides, it is much easier to manage stains and dirt on epoxy floors since you don’t have to invest more in cleaning products and tools.


Compared to other types of flooring solution, epoxy floors last for a more extended period.  Many surfaces start to wear over a short period due to exposure to routine activities, especially in industries and commercial buildings.  Besides, some can’t bear the pressure mounted on them by heavy machinery. Life expectancy increases, even more, when the epoxy flooring system is used on concrete structures. However, you should install the epoxy flooring solution well to achieve the desired results. 

And again, proper maintenance of your flooring is essential to ensure it stays for long. You see, epoxy is highly sensitive and, as such, must be installed as per the given instructions. Besides, when using it as a coating on concrete structures, the surface should be prepared correctly to ensure long-term results. Also, the material does not breathe once it cures, thus if moisture is trapped beneath the surface, it can cause problems.

 So if you are looking for long-term solutions for your flooring, consider epoxy. The longevity feature makes it suitable for industrial and commercial use.

Here is an example of the differences between polished concrete and epoxy floors:


High Resistance

Resistance is a significant issue, especially in places such as garages and in the automotive industry. Things like gasoline, oil, bleach, cleansers, and transmission fluids are likely to damage your flooring. Also, in industries, especially those manufacturing corrosive chemicals, the resistance of the floor matters a lot. You all know how chemicals can be destructive to your structure. And as you all know, water can cause severe damages to your flooring if not properly maintained or protected.

Then again, hospital surfaces require correct flooring solutions for easy sanitization and cleaning. The good news is that not only does epoxy flooring resists fluids and chemical spills but also heat, bacteria, and germs. This way, it becomes easier to protect yourself and those around you.

Versatility in Design and Decorations

When decorating your house or office, one of the essential places to consider is flooring. Besides, we all have different tastes and preferences when it comes to beauty and decoration, right? Anyone will want to stay unique by having a style or design not known to many people. While some flooring solutions come only in a single color, epoxy flooring lets you choose any color you need to make your ground smooth, flawless, and elegant shiny. 

Again, you can choose any design or pattern for your flooring with epoxy. This is important, especially for commercial or industrial buildings that need customized flooring. Considering the number of choices presented by epoxy flooring in terms of beauty and design, it is right to say that it is the best flooring system for anyone.


Have you seen how bright and professional epoxy floors look? The semblance alone is enticing, right? Epoxy flooring solutions gives you a smooth and even surface that is easier to clean. Likewise, since cleaning is made effortless, maintenance becomes easy. 

You see, it’s much easier to wipe and dust off an epoxy surface compared to other types of floors. Similarly, you know the feeling of walking on a shiny, smooth surface. You just want to remove your shoes and feel good. That’s the feeling you can only experience on epoxy flooring.

Guaranteed Safety

Safety should always be a top priority and consideration when choosing a flooring solution. Many of you with tile flooring can tell how hard it is to move on the surface, especially when it’s wet.  Imagine the embarrassment of falling on a slippery surface, yet it’s in a public place like a supermarket.  What’s worse, some flooring solutions can accelerate damages, especially when there is a fire outbreak.  

However, just because epoxy floors are smooth doesn’t mean they are slippery too. The materials are made to oppose impact, fire, slip, or heat. And as a result, they are the best solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. This could, however, change when the flooring is subjected to oil or water spills. For this, it is always good to texturize your epoxy floor.

And again, using epoxy floors in garages enhances visibility since the surface reflects light off the floor. As such, it becomes easy to illuminate a building with only a few rays. But, most people do not know this unique feature about epoxy floors.


Epoxy can be used as a coating to protect concrete structures. First, the epoxy is transformed into a solid polymer, which makes it durable, thus preventing any form of chemical breakdown on concrete floors. Besides, it can be used to protect underlying concrete from stains, moisture, cracks, and grease.  Hence, the coating eliminates the need for frequent cleaning, thus lowering the maintenance costs of your ground. 

With the above factors, there is no doubt that epoxy flooring solutions are the best. If you have been struggling to find a suitable solution for your flooring, the answer is here. Try epoxy floors and enjoy the benefits. Ensure you call on experts to get the most out of your investment.

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