Yes and no.

Some surfaces may be cracked or damaged, which require you to address those problems before applying the coating. Use fillers or sealant to fill cracks and repair damages. Remember, you can only make your concrete coating last longer if you prepare the surface well enough.

Concrete coating installation will depend on several factors.

The size of the project is the number one determinant of the period to be spent. The larger the project, the longer the schedule. Again, concrete surfaces that are in bad shape will require thorough preparation which will take much of your time. If you wish to customize your floor by adding multiple colors, textures and designs, be ready to spend extra time. However, if the surface is small and in good shape, the project will take between two to seven days.

Concrete coatings go beyond imagination.

Take an example of epoxy coating- it comes in multiple colors, designs, and textures. This allows you to customize and transform your concrete floor to an eye-catching surface. What’s more, you can add some graphics or drawings on your floor like your business logo, or mark spaces all courtesy of epoxy coating.

Generally, concrete coatings are long-lasting. However, durability depends on multiple factors. If your floor is exposed to a high traffic area, the lifespan of the epoxy coating decreases. And again if you fail to use the right concrete coating product, the floor will have a short lifespan. However, the secret to making your concrete coating serve you for long is proper maintenance.

Cracks are a normal thing that occurs on concrete surfaces due to various reasons. But the primary cause of cracks on concrete structures is shrinkage. Let us explain this- shrinkage occurs when the water used in the mix is more than what is required. And as the concrete hardens and dries up, the excess water escapes the surface through evaporation leaving some spaces unfilled. This then causes some forces within the concrete structure to pull the slab apart leading to cracks. Also, if there are no control joints during the concrete coating installation, the structure is likely to crack. 

It is much easier to fill a small crack than an extensive one. Nevertheless, all cracks can be addressed using liquid fillers, concrete caulk, sealants, and concrete patching compounds, respectively. But before using these materials, you must clean the crack and remove any dirt or debris around the area. And again, you should address cracks from the source so that they may not reappear.

    1. Prepare the surface well– any dirt, debris or other substance should be removed so that they do not limit the overlay from bonding well with the substrates. Again, any layer on the surface- be it paints or previous coatings, should be stripped off the surface.

    2. Repair –  Epoxy mortar, fabric or polymer concrete does well on cracked or damaged concrete structures by filling and sealing all cracks and holes.

    3. Resurfacing – get the right resurfacing material and apply it on a  concrete surface. Make sure the material spreads evenly on the concrete to give desired results. Use a trowel to finish.

    4. Coloring and sealing – you may add any color or design on your new surface to make it elegant. Thereafter, seal the surface using a seal coat to protect it from stains and other chemicals.

    5. Curing – leave the surface to cure for about 72 hours and avoid movement on the concrete within this period.

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have all the experience to make your floor outstanding. Our team is composed of learned, skilled, and creative individuals who can customize your floor just the way you like. We understand that certification is essential and as such, we have been licensed by the federal and state government. We use cutting-edge technology to make our work seamless while delivering excellent results. And again, we have the right people to handle the equipment correctly.

It means applying a new concrete coating on an old concrete structure without having to prepare the surface. Ordinarily, you have to strip off any layer of paints, or the previous coat before installing the new coating.

This is the use of acid-based (reactive) and water-based (non-reactive) substances to create unique effects on your concrete floor. The process is cost-effective and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike paints that fade and peel over a short period, concrete stains last for long.

Polished concrete is the result of a multi-step process that involves- grinding a concrete surface using specialized equipment, honing, and polishing the surface to give your floor a subtle appearance. The surface is durable and long-lasting, even in areas that receive high foot traffic. What’s more, polished concrete is reflective hence, brightens up your building.

We handle your epoxy garage flooring in 3 parts which can be installed in 1 day if  there is minimal denting and cracks that require repair.

Based on the type of epoxy floor system you choose, the price can vary anywhere from $5.00 to $13.00 per square foot. You can go with standard flakes if you are working with a tight budget or go with custom metallic epoxy which is the costlier option.


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