Stained Concrete

At Brookhaven Epoxy Floors, we offer our clients concrete staining solutions that will attract a lot of positive interest. As specialists in stamped specific designs for many years, we have provided many stained concrete floors that can last a lifetime as they are supposed to. We know that regular concrete can be boring when it comes to aesthetics, so we have mastered the art of offering beautiful and unique stains that are flexible to you.

Our staining solutions benefit commercial and residential customers. We can offer this concrete staining service after the floors have been grinded and polished to develop adornments and add an appealing finishing touch to any concrete surfaces. Concrete stains are available to provide several different colors and our contractors can use a mix of stains to produce the desired look.

Additionally, our contractors can carry out concrete staining on existing or new concrete surfaces, both inside and outside. With a variety of colors available, we can stain concrete with patterns or a diverse array of textured effects. Concrete is made to look like marble, aged stone, and other beautiful finishes. With the cleaning and sealing of concrete, the result is elegant and appealing. Please contact the Brookhaven epoxy floor experts to know more about our concrete application services.

Acid Stain

Acid stains produce visually beautiful natural, earthy colors. As the acid stain interacts with the concrete, there is a chemical reaction that creates light and dark differences around the surface. This establishes the character of your floors and the ultimate finish is comparable to the look of marble or granite. The only drawback to acid stains is that the colors are constrained to brownish, greenish-blue, and tan shades. We will make custom paint samples on the surface of your floor to get an example of how the finished basement will look after painting.

At Brookhaven epoxy floor, our independent flooring contractors work hard to provide our customers with the best possible experience. Will you have any doubts or concerns about this? Our autonomous, professionally qualified employees will be waiting for your call. You can also fill out the form for a free quote.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains have risen significantly over the last few years because they are produced in a large variety of colors than acid stains and are easier to apply. Water-based Concrete stains do not rely on chemicals to add color. Alternatively, they are designed to release their pigment into open pores by reaching the surface layer. Since there is no chemical substance, there is no prolonged working time for the full – scale production of light.

Notably, cement additives do not change the color compared to reacting acid stains that are chlorine-dependent to create chemical processes. These Stains in blues & greens do not discern black in the case of moisture. They are ultraviolet steady Concrete floors stained with non-reactive Concrete stains and contained with concrete sealers, giving outstanding results.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

  1. Durability – The bond of the stain to the concrete is very hard, and the stain would not chip, crack, or fade. And, indeed cement strength helps the stain to stand up over time, while it looks beautiful. Each project introduces a different distinct and unique look that adds character and complexity to any outdoor or indoor area or space.
  2. Cheap to maintain – Stained concrete is cheap to maintain and can be quickly washed with a wet mop. Like tiles, the concrete floors are smooth and do not collect dirt or dust. They are also not susceptible to molding or accumulating allergens like carpets. This will save the business a lot of overhead costs on cleaning service and increase the building’s overall air quality.

  1. Economical – The cost of having stained concrete on the floors is surprisingly low. The expense of polishing a concrete slab can be very cheap, with some esteemed and decorative results with this applying to large commercial properties that need shiny and glamorous entrances and hallways.

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